IR Electrical Solutions specialises in electrical installations for our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Our highly-skilled Darwin based experts are qualified to install domestic electrical, lighting, smoke alarms, surge protection devices and any other electrical installations, as well as carry out complete testing and tagging.


Work is completed in a reliable, professional and friendly manner with minimal disturbance to your home or business.



We supply homes and businesses with essential electrical power and lighting solutions – that are specifically suited to their home or workplace environment. We also design solutions for data and phone requirements, including dedicated areas or flexible workstations. 


We can help you reduce the amount of energy you use for lighting, by up to 50 percent, with smarter electrical choices and installing energy efficient lighting. Developments in technology means there are now more options available to home owners – to save money, conserve energy and live greener.

SWITCHBOARD UPGRADES - Safer Power Management

We can upgrade your existing switchboard to safely meet the demands of today’s power requirements.  
If you are adding an extension, installing an air conditioner or anything else that will contribute towards a large change in your energy consumption, you may need your mains supply upgraded in order for it to cope with this new load. If your switchboard is more than 20 years old, it may still be wired with fuses instead of circuit breakers.

SAFETY SWITCHES - RCDs and Surge Protectors

Safety switches are designed to prevent an electric shock, and save lives. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring, or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of current flowing to earth through a person and electrocuting them.


Installing a safety switch is an inexpensive safety measure that protects everyone.

Safety switches are not the same as circuit breakers or fuses.  They are an additional form of protection to be used with circuit breakers and fuses. An RCD should be tested on a 12 month basis with either a push button test, or proper RCD testing is always recommended to prevent possible failure at critical times. 

SMOKE ALARM INSTALLATIONS - Protect your loved ones

Each year Territorian families lose loved ones as a direct result of house fires and faulty smoke alarms.

Only installation of a working smoke alarm can provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage. The qualified electricians at IR Electrical Solutions can install mains-powered photo-electric smoke alarms to help protect your home and family from fire.

Did you know that all buildings built after 1997 must be fitted with a hard-wired smoke alarm?

It is also a legislative requirement that smoke alarms be fitted to all homes. Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), mains-powered alarms must be fitted to all new homes and those undergoing significant renovations. For all other existing residential buildings mains powered smoke alarms were made compulsory from October 1, 2011. While installation of mains powered smoke alarms are the preferred alternative, units with a non-removable ten year battery life are permitted in dwellings where the construction of the building does not permit a space to conceal the wiring and there is no other suitable alternative location or where mains power supply is not available.

OFFICE & SHOP FIT OUTS - From planning to hand-over

We supply businesses with essential electrical power and lighting solutions – that are specifically suited to their workplace environment. All electrical aspects of your office or shop fit outs can be designed and installed – including:

  • Installation and testing of exit and emergency lighting

  • Energy efficiency lighting upgrades

  • Lighting design and specification

  • Design and installation of distribution boards

  • Installation of power and lighting fixtures

  • Design and installation of audio systems

  • Audio visual cabling and screen installation

  • Data network wiring

  • Connection of signage and window displays to time clocks


From planning the office or shop fit out, to project hand-over – we’ll work with you to ensure that your needs are met, and upon completion you’ll be happy that you chose us.



We will ensure that every step is taken to complete work quickly and to a high standard whilst taking care to keep disruption to a minimum whilst working in your home or office.

All workmanship is guaranteed and best of all, we clean up!

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